I prefer working in my spacious, well-equipped studio, or weather permitting, outdoors, to do relaxed portraits of people.  I DON’T do event photography, large groups, or children.  I love capturing people looking their best, and being able to show them how great they look.  (I have some fabulous retouching software too, that my clients absolutely love.  They love it because they look their best, I love it because it isn’t phoney-baloney – it’s very subtle.)  I also enjoy embellishing photos and adding that artsy touch.  I’ve always wanted to photograph Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne, but haven’t gotten the opportunity.  Yet.  Bruce, Jackson - it’s not too late!  Call me.


Bare Bones Photography Studio specializes in business

and custom portraiture and commercial product


Bare Bones Photography Studio

Mary Staley Pridgen

1203 Cherry Street

Fort Collins, CO  80521

Phone: 970-495-0989 (land line! no texting)